Day 3

This time we got up even earlier – at 6.50, because we had to be in school at 7.30. We left 20 minutes later for a swamp boat tour. It was rather cold so almost everyone was shivering. Before the tour, we went to a shop where we bought some souvenirs. After getting off the cold boat, a train took us back to the bus, but we decided to get some warm tea or cocoa.
And so, we were on the road again, driving towards the biggest vineyard I had ever seen. Its size blew my mind, since so far I had only known the vineyard my family has. I can only imagine how much work it needs just to be maintained. Finally we were on our way driving back. The school day was over, but mine just began. I was home for two hours, had dinner and got ready to go to the cinema. The film we watched was Beauty and the Beast, and boy, was it amazing! It almost made me cry.
And so, another day has passed and we are getting closer to the end of the week. I’ll honestly miss this place, since it has been full of wonderful experiences in a short amount of time we’ve been here.

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